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Lead Generation
15 September 2022

Unleash lead generation in your business

…they need support to generate a continuous flow of leads for their business. Nine times out of ten they know exactly why they haven’t been able to generate the leads for themselves. Typically, it’s one or more of these five reasons.

A start-stop approach to lead generation

It’s the classic trap. When business is quiet, you ramp up your lead generation efforts. As soon as the pipeline is full, you ease off again. This start-stop approach to lead generation results in a start-stop pipeline of leads. You know it’s a mistake but you can’t seem to get out of the habit of working this way.

A continuous flow of leads requires a continuous flow of lead generation activity.

Not enough time to give lead generation the attention it needs

Very often, lead generation activity is the responsibility of several different functions in the business. Unfortunately, all of those functions also have full-time responsibility for something else as well. The result is that no one is fully focused on lead generation so you don’t get as many leads as you need.

If you’re targeting lead generation for growth, it requires focus and attention.

Not having the right mix of skills in-house

The level of expertise needed to run an effective lead generation is often under-estimated, which is why we often see it delegated to junior members of the team. By our reckoning, for maximum lead generation effectiveness you need a strategy expert, a concepts whizz, a creative copywriter, a talented graphic designer, a detective come researcher, a database guru, an insights and analytics specialist and a hands-on project manager.

It’s a level of lead generation resource that few businesses have the luxury of having in-house.

A database with not enough of the right contacts

Your database is one of the fundamentals of an effective lead generation campaign. It’s vital that it has high quality contacts segmented in the right way. Research suggests* that 20% of an average customer contact database is useless, for reasons including duplicate entries and out-of-date information.

The upshot is that poor quality data costs businesses around £575 billion a year, or 30% of the average company’s revenue.

Not closing the lead generation loop

It’s very easy to think that lead generation is all about outreach. It’s really just the start of the story. We very often see businesses that don’t have the systems in place to be laser-focused on following up leads, researching the people who’ve interacted with social posts or visited a website.

Without these systems in place, your lead generation activity is a leaky bucket and you could be missing out on important opportunities.

Generating the continuous flow of leads you need

If any of these reasons resonate with you, let’s have a conversation. Because when you need to solve a problem fast, it’s sometimes best to call in the experts. One client received an order from a lead we generated within the first eight weeks of working with us that covered the cost of our annual contract six times over. If those are the results you need, get in touch today.


* https://www.salesforce.com/ap/hub/analytics/data-validation-practices/