Elaine Minett-Smith – Emberson Synergy

Elaine Minett-Smith

Account Manager

"I’m passionate about crafting digital campaigns and creating opportunities for impactful results."

Meet Elaine, an accomplished Account Manager with over 7 years of expertise in Digital Marketing. Enthusiastic about maximising campaign potential, Elaine thrives on identifying opportunities for enhancement and optimisation, consistently delivering exceptional results for clients. Her experience spans across managing multi-channel campaigns, encompassing organic and paid social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as email and automation marketing, websites, and content creation including blogs and videos. With a strategic focus on audience engagement, traffic generation, and lead conversion, Elaine ensures a consistent flow of qualified leads into your sales pipeline.


Digital marketing strategy | channel management | campaign implementation | social media management | email marketing set-up and management | event promotion | insights and analytics.


Family adventures exploring the outdoors, discovering new baking recipes, and practicing yoga.

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