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Lead Generation
21 October 2022

How to execute your best-ever lead generation campaign

You’ve got your target audience. You’ve got your messaging sorted. The only thing left to do is roll out the campaign. So what are the secrets of how to execute a lead generation campaign with a flawless rollout that maximises your response rate? Here are the four things I think are key.

Get a database in place

I’ve read that only 20% of leads are ever followed up. It’s easy to see how this could happen. Perhaps a lead called the office but you never got the message asking you to call them back. Perhaps the email was sent to two of you and you each thought the other one was going to make the call. Perhaps you did call them back but after you got their voicemail a few times they fell off your radar.

The solution is to get a decent database in place so nothing slips between the gaps.

We’re system-agnostic. We work with the databases our clients already have in place. It means we can get up and running much more quickly and easily. But if you don’t have a database in place at the moment and are looking for a good place to start, Zoho is a good value option.

Cover all touchpoints

It’s also vital to make sure you’re reaching out across all the channels that are relevant for your audience. This maximises your reach – and the opportunities for your prospects to see your message.

A typical lead generation campaign for one of our clients will operate across web, content, campaigns, social, organic search, databases and email.

Make sure it happens

This is so obvious – but so often forgotten. It’s very easy to prepare a lead generation campaign but to stumble when it comes to getting everything out there.

There are two ways to approach this. The first is to use of one of the scheduling tools that are available these days. Again, we work with whatever scheduling tools our clients have in place. If you don’t have one yet, though, I’d recommend checking out Loomly.

I’d also always advise having someone responsible for coordinating lead generation. They can help make sure every campaign maintains its momentum, which is so important over time.

Get additional support when you need it

The honest truth is that lead generation takes a lot of time if you want to do it properly.

As the inbound marketing company HubSpot says: “Lead generation takes resources, effort, and patience. A business can’t devote 10 hours a week to lead generation and expect to see success. It requires a cross-section of experience, knowledge, and talent across disciplines to create an effective process.”

We know this only too well ourselves. We spend our days generating leads for our clients. Consistently focusing on our own lead generation activity is a work in progress!

It’s why my final piece of advice is to get additional support if you need it. Outsourcing lead generation gives you valuable expertise and frees up time in-house so it’s a win-win situation.

To have a conversation about how we could help your business generate more leads, get in touch.