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13 October 2023

How a green energy hub achieved digital success

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, establishing a robust online presence is essential for organisations aiming to grow awareness of their business and drive growth.

With aspirations to contribute to the UK’s green energy strategy and secure Green Freeport status, The Port of Cromarty Firth (PoCF) recognised the need to amplify its presence on LinkedIn. During our time collaborating with the Port their journey led to remarkable accomplishments that showcased its commitment to a greener future and a thriving local community and ultimately being awarded Freeport status.

Objectives: A Green Vision

The Port of Cromarty Firth had been diligently working to create lasting socio-economic impact in its local community while also aligning with the UK’s broader green energy objectives. Seeking the coveted Green Freeport status, the Port’s leadership aimed to increase their LinkedIn presence to communicate their efforts effectively. The challenge lay in the transition from traditional print advertising, which yielded limited visibility, to leveraging the potential of LinkedIn and website insights.

Due to their small internal team, the Port partnered with us as we already had an established and solid current working relationship and expertise in this area. Our proactive approach was instrumental in crafting compelling LinkedIn posts that conveyed the Port’s achievements, thus creating a springboard to connect with local, regional, and international audiences. The primary goal was to achieve fifty new followers every month, which we exceeded!

Solution: A Collaborative Transformation

The journey to success began by immersing into the Cromarty Firth environment. Emberson closely examined ongoing and upcoming activities, trends, and narratives surrounding the Port. The agency’s data-driven approach unveiled valuable insights that guided the creation of tailored content and resonant narratives. Alex Johnson, from PoCF, acknowledging the partnership as “Very easy, everything was simple, we got the results we wanted and we couldn’t ask for more.”

Through the implementation of these marketing strategies, the Port achieved an astounding 355% increase in LinkedIn followers within two years. The Port’s follower count went from 720 in January 2021 to an impressive 3,275 by February 2023, all with purely organic posts. This surge in followers represented not only quantitative growth but also the manifestation of heightened awareness, positioning the Port as a hub for green energy initiatives, sustainable practices, and the promotion of Highland tourism.

Results: A Journey of Triumph

The journey wasn’t just about numbers; it was about forging meaningful connections and driving impactful engagement. The Port’s LinkedIn engagement resulted in the generation of over 1,400 leads, a tangible testament to the effectiveness of their LinkedIn approach. Furthermore, the Port’s enhanced visibility led to the identification of over 200 potential prospect companies through website monitoring. These prospects were meticulously researched and added to the database for future follow-up.

Conclusion: Driving Local Green Initiatives

With this shift in activity, the Port experienced excellent growth in followers and engagement. Through a blend of innovation, tailored content, and proactive strategies, the Port not only exceeded its follower growth targets but also solidified its reputation as a green energy pioneer and a driving force in the local and regional community.

As organisations across industries seek to harness the potential of digital platforms, the Port’s success story stands as an inspiring testament to the value of adapting and embracing change. By leveraging data insights and working with an experienced lead generation agency, businesses can ignite a ripple effect of growth, recognition, and positive impact. If you’re ready to steer your brand’s narrative into the digital spotlight, consider partnering with experts who can navigate this dynamic landscape and help your vision come to life.

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Photo Credit: Port of Cromarty Firth