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Lead Generation
17 March 2023

Navigating the changing landscape of B2B marketing

In the digital marketing landscape, there is a significant shift to move away from third party cookies and this presents exciting opportunities for B2B sales and marketing professionals to attract and engage audiences.

This trend began with GDPR, which gave individuals more control over their data and started changing how brands use personal data in their marketing. People are becoming more conscious of the power and value of their data and want to take control. Tech companies are responding by introducing solutions such as Apple’s App Tracking Transparency and companies like Gener8 Ads and Nano Interactive, which offer alternatives to personal identifiers like cookies and trackers.

As a B2B marketer who relies on cookies for building target audiences or running retargeted adverts, it’s essential to adapt to this changing environment. Here are three tips for engaging with your audience differently:

Embrace a symbiotic relationship with your audience

By being authentic, engaging, and useful in your interactions. People still want to engage on social media, follow and trust brands they value and admire. Brands need to earn the right to use the audience’s data.

Speak your audience’s language

Tailor your conversations accordingly. LinkedIn is a business networking platform attracting a youthful audience, and brands need to understand how this generation speaks and what drives them.

Quality is better than quantity when it comes to data

Prioritise individual interactions with people genuinely interested in what you have to say, whether that’s making personal connections or sending interesting emails and articles to those who engage with you. The age of message broadcasting may be coming to an end.

Are you ready to make this shift in your business? Where do you need help to make steps to prepare and implement the necessary changes? Emberson LeadGen are ready to hear about your needs and how they can support your marketing and sales teams, get in touch.