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Believers In Possible:

June 10th, 2024 by

Enter the market and grow

In the dynamic world of CleanTech development, the market entry and commercialisation phase represent the bridge between innovation and real-world impact. Having laid a robust foundation during inception, your focus now shifts to strategic market entry. This phase is where we identify opportunities, assess market readiness, and tailor our offerings to meet the evolving demands of a swiftly changing landscape.

Are you ready to navigate the challenging terrain of market entry and commercialisation? It’s time to identify and forge strong relationships with all stakeholders, paving the way for market acceptance and seizing growth opportunities that lie ahead.

Drive adoption across industries

With a customer-centric approach and a relentless dedication to quality, your CleanTech solutions deliver tangible value and make a profound impact on customers and stakeholders alike.

Educate the Market

Raising awareness about your CleanTech solutions is paramount. Develop educational content and campaigns to address misconceptions and highlight the vast benefits your innovations bring to the table.

Build Credibility

In the rapidly evolving CleanTech industry, establishing yourself as a thought leader is key. Tailor your messaging and content to showcase your expertise and success stories. This builds trust with potential customers and sets the stage for sustainable growth.

Align Sales and Marketing

A clear understanding of your target audience and their journey through the sales funnel is crucial. By harnessing persona insights, sales enablement teams can tailor their strategy, qualify leads effectively, and seamlessly support the buying process.

Accelerate CleanTech Growth with Emberson Synergy

Emerson Synergy understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by CleanTech businesses. Our persona-based marketing and sales enablement solutions are tailored to support the market entry and commercialisation phase of CleanTech ventures. By harnessing data-driven insights and end-to-end marketing enablement, we help you optimise your marketing campaigns, identify high-potential leads, and prioritise activities for maximum impact.

Let’s embrace your CleanTech journey together and pave the way for a sustainable future! #GrowWithTheFlow

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Champions Of Doable:

June 10th, 2024 by

Challenging the Status Quo and Driving CleanTech Growth

In the growing field of CleanTech, where innovation meets environmental
stewardship, the inception to growth phase represents the genesis of transformative
ideas. It’s a pivotal moment, laying the groundwork for groundbreaking research,
cutting-edge innovation, and, ultimately, the realisation of sustainable solutions
poised to shape the future of environmental sustainability and resource

Are you ready to lead the charge towards a sustainable future? It’s time to not only
envision change but to actively pursue it. Lay down robust foundations while
fearlessly challenging conventions. By securing funding, influencing potential
customers, and elevating brand visibility, you can embark on your journey towards
sustainable success.

Understanding Target Audiences:

One of the foundational pillars of success in CleanTech is understanding your target
audience. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches; now, precision targeting
is key. Create detailed profiles of ideal customers based on demographics,
behaviours, preferences, and pain points. Persona development is a powerful tool
that helps entrepreneurs and innovators gain invaluable insights into their target
market segments. By understanding the intricacies of your audience, you can craft
tailored solutions that resonate deeply with their needs and aspirations.

Analysing the Market:

Understanding your audience is just the beginning. To truly thrive in the CleanTech
landscape, you must also analyse the market dynamics. Identify opportunities and
refine your value proposition accordingly. Highlight the unique value propositions
that resonate most with your target personas. Craft messaging that speaks directly to
their pain points, aspirations, and priorities. In a crowded marketplace, differentiation
is essential, and a thorough market analysis can help you stand out from the

Validating Technology:

For CleanTech, innovation is king, and technology validation is crucial. Before you can
sway investors, partners, and customers, you must first demonstrate the feasibility
and effectiveness of your technology. Showcase real-world applications, conduct
pilot projects, and gather data-driven evidence of your technology’s impact. Building
credibility early on will not only attract the necessary support but also instil
confidence in your stakeholders.

Building Brand Awareness:

Establishing brand awareness is vital in the early stages of CleanTech development.
Effective marketing not only builds credibility but also fosters trust and enhances
market visibility. By leveraging a combination of traditional and digital marketing
strategies, you can amplify your brand message. Whether it’s through thought
leadership content or engaging social media campaigns, every interaction presents
an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and core values.

Accelerate CleanTech Growth with Emberson Synergy:

At Emberson Synergy, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing
CleanTech businesses. Our persona-based marketing and sales enablement solutions
are tailored to support the early inception phase of CleanTech ventures. By
harnessing data-driven insights and leveraging end-to-end marketing enablement,
we help you optimise your marketing campaigns, identify high-potential leads, and
prioritise activities for maximum impact. With Emberson Synergy by your side, you
can ensure resource optimisation and achieve meaningful results on your CleanTech

Let’s join forces and pave the way for a sustainable future together!

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How a green energy hub achieved digital success

October 13th, 2023 by

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, establishing a robust online presence is essential for organisations aiming to grow awareness of their business and drive growth.

With aspirations to contribute to the UK’s green energy strategy and secure Green Freeport status, The Port of Cromarty Firth (PoCF) recognised the need to amplify its presence on LinkedIn. During our time collaborating with the Port their journey led to remarkable accomplishments that showcased its commitment to a greener future and a thriving local community and ultimately being awarded Freeport status.

Objectives: A Green Vision

The Port of Cromarty Firth had been diligently working to create lasting socio-economic impact in its local community while also aligning with the UK’s broader green energy objectives. Seeking the coveted Green Freeport status, the Port’s leadership aimed to increase their LinkedIn presence to communicate their efforts effectively. The challenge lay in the transition from traditional print advertising, which yielded limited visibility, to leveraging the potential of LinkedIn and website insights.

Due to their small internal team, the Port partnered with us as we already had an established and solid current working relationship and expertise in this area. Our proactive approach was instrumental in crafting compelling LinkedIn posts that conveyed the Port’s achievements, thus creating a springboard to connect with local, regional, and international audiences. The primary goal was to achieve fifty new followers every month, which we exceeded!

Solution: A Collaborative Transformation

The journey to success began by immersing into the Cromarty Firth environment. Emberson closely examined ongoing and upcoming activities, trends, and narratives surrounding the Port. The agency’s data-driven approach unveiled valuable insights that guided the creation of tailored content and resonant narratives. Alex Johnson, from PoCF, acknowledging the partnership as “Very easy, everything was simple, we got the results we wanted and we couldn’t ask for more.”

Through the implementation of these marketing strategies, the Port achieved an astounding 355% increase in LinkedIn followers within two years. The Port’s follower count went from 720 in January 2021 to an impressive 3,275 by February 2023, all with purely organic posts. This surge in followers represented not only quantitative growth but also the manifestation of heightened awareness, positioning the Port as a hub for green energy initiatives, sustainable practices, and the promotion of Highland tourism.

Results: A Journey of Triumph

The journey wasn’t just about numbers; it was about forging meaningful connections and driving impactful engagement. The Port’s LinkedIn engagement resulted in the generation of over 1,400 leads, a tangible testament to the effectiveness of their LinkedIn approach. Furthermore, the Port’s enhanced visibility led to the identification of over 200 potential prospect companies through website monitoring. These prospects were meticulously researched and added to the database for future follow-up.

Conclusion: Driving Local Green Initiatives

With this shift in activity, the Port experienced excellent growth in followers and engagement. Through a blend of innovation, tailored content, and proactive strategies, the Port not only exceeded its follower growth targets but also solidified its reputation as a green energy pioneer and a driving force in the local and regional community.

As organisations across industries seek to harness the potential of digital platforms, the Port’s success story stands as an inspiring testament to the value of adapting and embracing change. By leveraging data insights and working with an experienced lead generation agency, businesses can ignite a ripple effect of growth, recognition, and positive impact. If you’re ready to steer your brand’s narrative into the digital spotlight, consider partnering with experts who can navigate this dynamic landscape and help your vision come to life.

Are you eager to enhance your online presence and ignite measurable growth? Reach out to us today and unlock the possibilities for your business.

Photo Credit: Port of Cromarty Firth

Marketers’ biggest challenges & how to solve them (Pt 1)

July 26th, 2023 by

Now that we’ve reached the middle of the year, it’ll be common for businesses to begin looking back at the last six months to inform their plans for next year. As a part of this process, they’ll review any challenges that have arisen and how best to address them moving forward.

We recently came across an article from Hubspot that provided some very interesting findings. From their survey, they uncovered that the top challenges marketers are currently facing include:

  1. Generating traffic & leads
  2. Sales/marketing alignment

These are two things that are crucial to get right, as they directly impact the growth and overall success of your business. And you can’t have one without the other – if you don’t have a consistent flow of quality leads, then your sales & marketing teams won’t be able to bring in new customers and revenue. And if you do manage to get some leads coming in and your sales & marketing teams aren’t effectively working together, then you’ll most likely not get those leads across the finish line.

So what can you do to tackle these problems? We’ll talk about solutions to create a continuous flow of leads in this post, and then keep an eye out for our follow-up post where we will discuss solutions for sales/marketing enablement.

When it comes to generating leads, there are several things you can do. Here are five simple steps to get you started:

  1. Have clear objectives for your business goals & target market. Once you do this, you can select the channels that are most relevant for you, i.e. LinkedIn or email, depending on where your audience is. Without objectives set, it’ll be much more difficult to focus your team’s efforts and prioritise resources to achieve tangible progress and results. For example, with an objective to generate quality, continuous leads, some of the action points to achieve this could be to explore hiring an agency that specialises in it, or investing in the proper team structure to do this in-house (i.e. analysts, project managers, creatives, etc..), or setting up a robust lead scoring system in order to accurately track where leads are in the funnel and tailor marketing to enable them to move them along.
  2. Start with expert research, a bespoke database and engaging content. It’s important to enlist someone with knowledge and experience to set up your lead generation process. This is a complex process that if not done properly, you won’t get consistent, genuine results. Getting a fit-for-purpose CRM solution that’s suitable for your team’s specific needs will set them up to manage the entire lead nurturing process from start to finish. Also ensure you have somewhere to drive traffic to that you can measure, like a website or campaign landing page.
  3. Regularly share thought leadership pieces that people actually want to read. Many people join LinkedIn to expand their knowledge, so share informative pieces that will inform and educate, establish yourself as an authority within your sector and you’ll soon build up a good network. And due to recent LinkedIn algorithm changes, it’s now easier than ever to get your content in front of a bigger, relevant audience (so long as your background matches the subject matter and the content is genuinely informative or helpful). This is a brilliant way to establish brand awareness in an organic way, and sow the seed for your services early on so that interested prospects will engage when they’re ready to take the next step.
  4. Follow up prospects. This goes without saying, but if you don’t have a dedicated team or person whose primary job is to follow up on and nurture prospects, then it’s likely they’ll never turn into customers. The lead nurturing process is a delicate one and requires a lot of skill – too much too soon will alienate the prospect, while too little too late will lose you a potential sale. That’s why it’s important to have someone with experience continually monitoring this process.
  5. Seek help from the experts. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we really do mean it when we say that expertise in this field is essential. So much can go wrong when there are this many moving parts, and when human behaviour is involved, it gets even trickier. That’s why you don’t want to leave this part of your business strategy revolving around growth to chance. As mentioned previously, whether that’s enlisting a specialised lead generation agency or a consultant to help you set up the comprehensive team you’d need in to do it correctly, you must seek out expert advice.

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Keen to learn more about lead flow? Read our top tips blog post here.

Outsourcing vs. insourcing: making informed decisions for a continuous flow of engaged sales leads

June 19th, 2023 by

As an Account Director at Emberson LeadGen, I understand the challenges faced by sales and marketing directors, business development managers and the ‘C’ Suite when it comes to creating a continuous flow of engaged sales leads for technology businesses. Today, I want to explore the options of insourcing and outsourcing your lead generation campaign, helping you make an informed decision that will drive your business forward… with sales pipeline confidence.

When it comes to insourcing, you have the advantage of maintaining full control over the lead generation process. By utilising your existing internal resources and expertise, you can ensure that every aspect of the campaign aligns perfectly with your company’s goals and values. However, it’s essential to consider the associated costs. You’ll need to allocate dedicated staff members, provide them with proper training, and invest in technology infrastructure such as lead management software, CRM tools, and marketing automation systems. Furthermore, acquiring accurate prospect data and implementing effective targeting strategies will require additional investments in market research and segmentation. While insourcing offers control, it also demands substantial management and upfront and ongoing expenses.

On the other hand, outsourcing your lead generation campaign offers an enticing alternative. By partnering with a specialised lead generation agency like Emberson LeadGen, you gain access to our expertise for every skill needed for an effective campaign, when you need it. We understand the intricacies of generating high-quality leads for technology businesses, and our track record speaks for itself. By selecting the right sales enablement partner, you can tap into their specialised tools and strategies, benefiting from their experience in executing successful lead generation campaigns. When it comes to costs, outsourcing offers a predictable monthly cost structure, eliminating the need for extensive internal resources and fluctuations. It allows for scalability and flexibility when you need it, ensuring your campaign can adapt to changing market conditions and demands.

At Emberson LeadGen, we are dedicated to providing you with a seamless lead generation experience. We handle everything from campaign planning to content creation, in depth lead research, lead nurturing, and performance tracking. Our focus is on delivering high-quality marketing qualified leads that are primed and engaged, ready for your sales team to convert into customers. With regular reports and performance metrics, you’ll have complete visibility into the progress of your campaign, allowing for continuous monitoring and optimization.

Ultimately, the decision between insourcing and outsourcing should be based on a comprehensive cost versus value analysis, considering your company’s specific needs, budgets, available resources, and long-term growth strategies. As the Account Director at Emberson LeadGen, I am here to guide you through this process, leveraging my extensive knowledge and experience in creating a continuous flow of leads for technology businesses. Together, we can make an informed decision that will drive your business growth and success.

Contact me today to unlock the full potential of your lead generation campaign and find out how Emberson LeadGen can help you create a continuous flow of engaged sales leads that will accelerate your business.


I’d fight to keep Emberson LeadGen on the team. Brand awareness and lead generation are such important parts of the marketing function. If you don’t have the bandwidth, you need to reach out and get help from someone who’s knowledgeable in that area.”

Christine Roy, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Sensia.

3 unexpected ways to raise awareness of your brand

June 6th, 2023 by

In our previous article we looked at the basics of raising brand awareness. In essence, it’s all about consistency. But once you’ve got consistency sorted, how do you get to the next level? Talking to our clients recently, here are three unexpected ways they’re getting great traction.

Harnessing the power of employees on LinkedIn

As standard, our clients post updates on their LinkedIn company pages. You can take things further, though. For example:

  • Ask employees to like, comment on, or share company posts, especially in the first hour. Did you know LinkedIn measures the initial engagement of a post to see if it’s worthy of moving on into other people’s feeds. If your post does well in the first hour, its much more likely to do well all day, week, or month.
  • Give employees a bank of content they can post on their own profiles.
  • Create a banner that all employees can use on their profiles.
  • Have template content about your company that employees can use in their bios.
  • Create template email signatures for employees that include a link to their profiles and your company profile.

Our clients are finding that getting employees involved like this extends their reach massively, increases their followers more quickly and helps more prospects engage with them. In turn this leads to increased awareness and – ultimately – sales.

Running open events at company headquarters

In-person conferences and trade shows can be great opportunities to meet new people, network with your peers and raise awareness of your brand.

On the other hand, taking a booth or stand at the biggest shows can be very expensive. They can also involve a lot of time and resources. Unless you are focused, interactions can end up being very ‘scattergun.’ If budgets are tight, big-ticket show like these have to be questioned.

Several of our clients have decided against exhibiting at the big shows recently. Instead, they are hosting open events at their headquarters or at nice venues within the vicinity of the events. They can invite customers, industry partners and their hottest prospects. Events like these can be tailored and personal. They are the perfect opportunity to show off your set-up and spend focused time with the people who are most valuable to your company.

Speaking at target industry conferences

‘Be where your customers are’ is sound sales and marketing advice. As lead generation experts, we focus on getting our clients’ messages out with targeted content through campaigns across websites, social, organic search, databases and email.

In-person events for your target industries are something many people forget. If you attend as a delegate they are a good way to hear first-hand from the people that matter to you. You can hear about trends, changes, opportunities, concerns – information you can use in your messaging.

Clients of ours have gone one step further. They’ve secured speaking opportunities at events. They’ve found them to be fantastic opportunities to raise brand awareness and even secure sales.

A partnership approach to B2B marcomms expertise

We love using our expertise to help our clients execute consistent, effective marcomms’ campaigns that deliver reliable ROI. Part of this is working alongside their in-house teams to get a complete picture of everything that’s going on so we can create seamless campaigns. It’s how we get to hear insights like this – and how we form mutually beneficial relationships that endure.

If you like the sound of this partnership approach, let’s have a conversation.

Skeptical about email marketing for lead generation campaigns? Read on.

May 23rd, 2023 by

There can often be some confusion over whether businesses should be concentrating their marketing efforts on LinkedIn or email. When we suggest adding email into the mix along with LinkedIn, sometimes our clients aren’t entirely convinced on its usefulness within B2B marketing.

LinkedIn is the social media platform for B2B marketing. Aimed at professionals and businesses, it’s highly effective for making connections within your industry and broadening awareness of your organisation.

Email marketing is very useful when you want to target many people simultaneously (and with the advent of flows: automatically). Whether it’s a ‘cold call’ or an email to an already engaged newsletter audience, one of the main benefits is having that direct access to consumers’ inboxes.

We all know that in marketing, choosing the channels that are right for you are dependent on your unique objectives and goals. We’ve found that using a mix of LinkedIn and email is an ideal approach within B2B for lead generation, as they do different (but equally valuable) things.

The benefits of LinkedIn for lead generation:

LinkedIn can be very useful when you’re first starting out in prospect research. You can easily search for and network with potential clients in the most relevant industries – and crucially, those that are in the right positions, i.e. Marketing Managers or CEOs.

LinkedIn adds a more personable touch – people are typically very open to connecting with like-minded professionals, and adding a face to the name inspires trust and memorability. They are exposed to your offering in a more organic and less overt way via posts on their home feed, which can be a great way to carefully build awareness and generate interest over time. For example, we post on behalf of clients on their business page and then encourage their employees to share the content, as well as posting for an individual (like the CEO) on their behalf.

Additionally, LinkedIn Messaging is a good tool to try to get an initial rapport going with a prospect. Though one of the downsides of LinkedIn is that when you post you can’t guarantee that the intended audience will see it – which is where email comes in…

The benefits of email marketing for lead generation:

Email is very effective for people who are a bit further along the funnel.

Think about it: you probably only sign up to the newsletters of your favourite brands – the ones you’ve purchased from in the past and have a significant desire to continuously buy from. Those are the ones you’d give up your precious inbox space to and genuinely want to see emails from.

Similarly in B2B, the people who sign up to newsletters tend to actively want to hear from you, and therefore have already identified a potential need and interest in your service. They just need a bit more warming up, which is where consistent email campaigns along with automation comes in.

This is who will be most interested in reading your longer-form content, and when bringing in segmentation, it becomes even more powerful, as you can tailor the content to be the most relevant and timely, nudging the prospect even further along to being ready to schedule a meeting or make a sale.

The results give you named individuals to follow up with, and a trackable journey, so you can start an elevated conversation. It also helps keep your database up-to-date – knowing if people have moved jobs for example, enabling you to research new incumbents.

So, when we’re structuring your campaign, this is why we usually always incorporate both LinkedIn and email marketing – when used together, it makes for a very effective and solid approach to discovering and nurturing the right prospects at the right time.

Are you looking for a flow of continuous quality leads to help grow your business? Our experienced team are ready to implement a bespoke approach for your business. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Five tips for turbo-charging brand awareness

June 1st, 2022 by

So it’s not surprising that HubSpot found the number one goal for B2B marketers in 2022 was ‘increasing brand awareness’. If it’s your number one goal too, our advice is that it’s all about consistency. Specifically, consistency in five different areas. Read on for our take on the subject.

Messaging consistency

Your messaging is the core of your offer. What does your brand stand for? What is its USP? How does it help? Use these as the starting point for your communications.

When you’re working on your communications, it’s very easy to feel you say the same thing over and over again. This is OK. As an IBM marketing and advertising expert once said: “If someone throws 10 tennis balls at you at once, you might be able to catch one before you duck to avoid the others. But if someone throws you one, and then another, you’ll probably catch both. It’s the same with marketing messages. Don’t throw too many at once.”

Branding consistency

The look and feel of your communications needs to be consistent too or you risk creating confusion in the market.

Working hard to maintain branding consistency could give you significant market advantage.

95% of organisations have branding guidelines, but only a quarter have formal guidelines that are consistently enforced. As a result, over 60% of organisations report their materials always, often or sometimes fail to conform to brand guidelines.

Getting it right makes a big difference. Always presenting your brand consistently has been shown to deliver a 23% average revenue increase.

Channel consistency

This is really two tips in one.

Firstly, it’s about maintaining a consistent look, feel and voice across all channels. For example, if you have an informal friendly brand on social media, your audience will be confused if your website is formal and corporate.

Secondly, make sure your campaigns run consistently across all channels. For example, if you run a caption competition on Twitter, make sure you also mention it on your website and in your email newsletter.

Audience consistency

Knowing your audience is essential. High level, we’re talking about knowing which jobs in which types of company or industry you want to target.

The detail is where the difference comes in. Your database holds the key to this. It needs to be consistently cleaned and updated. You want to know the named individuals you need to be targeting to get the best results and the biggest return on investment.


Perhaps the number one rule is simply to keep showing up.

Many of our clients come to us because they don’t have the time or resources to commit to consistent communications. We provide the extra pairs of hands and expertise their business needs. Working with one client, for example, we expanded their database from 1,600 to over 4,500 qualified leads in two years.

If you’d like to have a conversation about how we could help your business deliver the consistent communications it needs, get in touch.