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Brand Awareness & Communications
10 June 2024

Believers In Possible:

Enter the market and grow

n the dynamic world of CleanTech development, the market entry and commercialisation phase
represent the bridge between innovation and real-world impact. Having laid a robust foundation
during inception, your focus now shifts to strategic market entry. This phase is where we identify
opportunities, assess market readiness, and tailor our offerings to meet the evolving demands of a
swiftly changing landscape.

Are you ready to navigate the challenging terrain of market entry and commercialisation? It’s time to
identify and forge strong relationships with all stakeholders, paving the way for market acceptance
and seizing growth opportunities that lie ahead.

Drive adoption across industries

With a customer-centric approach and a relentless dedication to quality, your CleanTech solutions
deliver tangible value and make a profound impact on customers and stakeholders alike.

Educate the Market

Raising awareness about your CleanTech solutions is paramount. Develop educational content and
campaigns to address misconceptions and highlight the vast benefits your innovations bring to the

Build Credibility

In the rapidly evolving CleanTech industry, establishing yourself as a thought leader is key. Tailor
your messaging and content to showcase your expertise and success stories. This builds trust with
potential customers and sets the stage for sustainable growth.

Align Sales and Marketing

A clear understanding of your target audience and their journey through the sales funnel is crucial.
By harnessing persona insights, sales enablement teams can tailor their strategy, qualify leads
effectively, and seamlessly support the buying process.


Emerson Synergy understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by CleanTech
businesses. Our persona-based marketing and sales enablement solutions are tailored to support
the market entry and commercialisation phase of CleanTech ventures. By harnessing data-driven
insights and end-to-end marketing enablement, we help you optimise your marketing campaigns,
identify high-potential leads, and prioritise activities for maximum impact.

Let’s embrace your CleanTech journey together and pave the way for a sustainable future!