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Brand Awareness & Communications
06 June 2023

3 unexpected ways to raise awareness of your brand

In our previous article we looked at the basics of raising brand awareness. In essence, it’s all about consistency. But once you’ve got consistency sorted, how do you get to the next level? Talking to our clients recently, here are three unexpected ways they’re getting great traction.

Harnessing the power of employees on LinkedIn

As standard, our clients post updates on their LinkedIn company pages. You can take things further, though. For example:

  • Ask employees to like, comment on, or share company posts, especially in the first hour. Did you know LinkedIn measures the initial engagement of a post to see if it’s worthy of moving on into other people’s feeds. If your post does well in the first hour, its much more likely to do well all day, week, or month.
  • Give employees a bank of content they can post on their own profiles.
  • Create a banner that all employees can use on their profiles.
  • Have template content about your company that employees can use in their bios.
  • Create template email signatures for employees that include a link to their profiles and your company profile.

Our clients are finding that getting employees involved like this extends their reach massively, increases their followers more quickly and helps more prospects engage with them. In turn this leads to increased awareness and – ultimately – sales.

Running open events at company headquarters

In-person conferences and trade shows can be great opportunities to meet new people, network with your peers and raise awareness of your brand.

On the other hand, taking a booth or stand at the biggest shows can be very expensive. They can also involve a lot of time and resources. Unless you are focused, interactions can end up being very ‘scattergun.’ If budgets are tight, big-ticket show like these have to be questioned.

Several of our clients have decided against exhibiting at the big shows recently. Instead, they are hosting open events at their headquarters or at nice venues within the vicinity of the events. They can invite customers, industry partners and their hottest prospects. Events like these can be tailored and personal. They are the perfect opportunity to show off your set-up and spend focused time with the people who are most valuable to your company.

Speaking at target industry conferences

‘Be where your customers are’ is sound sales and marketing advice. As lead generation experts, we focus on getting our clients’ messages out with targeted content through campaigns across websites, social, organic search, databases and email.

In-person events for your target industries are something many people forget. If you attend as a delegate they are a good way to hear first-hand from the people that matter to you. You can hear about trends, changes, opportunities, concerns – information you can use in your messaging.

Clients of ours have gone one step further. They’ve secured speaking opportunities at events. They’ve found them to be fantastic opportunities to raise brand awareness and even secure sales.

A partnership approach to B2B marcomms expertise

We love using our expertise to help our clients execute consistent, effective marcomms’ campaigns that deliver reliable ROI. Part of this is working alongside their in-house teams to get a complete picture of everything that’s going on so we can create seamless campaigns. It’s how we get to hear insights like this – and how we form mutually beneficial relationships that endure.

If you like the sound of this partnership approach, let’s have a conversation.