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At Emberson Synergy, we create a continuous flow of quality leads through persona-based marketing and sales enablement services.

Insource vs. Outsource

We understand the value of your business and your time. Put simply, let us explain why long-term it’s cheaper, better and faster to outsource your lead generation.

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Outsourcing is on average 70% cheaper than insourcing.



Experts in their field work on each part of your campaign.



Outsourcing is on average 80% faster from contact to contract than insourcing.

Case Studies

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behind the stats.

“I just received a fantastic order as a direct result of your campaign! My client that I’d not dealt with for some years advised me that he was looking for some new equipment and your email landed at just the right time, prompting him to get in touch."

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“This is the shortest awareness to enquiry window I’ve ever seen. Emberson Synergy have been in the industry a while so they saved us time because they knew exactly what to do. The impression of us out there in the industry is that we’re everywhere. It’s been a very positive experience. It gave us everything we needed and accelerated our progress."

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“Emberson has never lost sight of the mission of increasing the visibility of our product, facilitating discussion and expanding our customer base.”

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"The sales team have known exactly what their prospect is engaging with, enabling them to start an elevated conversation, resulting in appointments, demonstrations and sales.”

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[The Monday after the launch event]: “I can’t get around the new business meetings quickly enough!”

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"Emberson Synergy campaigns, database and social media work is so important. Without it I would have a comparatively small network of contacts and far less sales leads.”

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“It’s very clear what Emberson Synergy’s differentiators are: flexibility value for money, trust, responsiveness, and, above all, quality. Their ability to analyse information and activity and turn them into actionable insights is extremely valuable to us and they’re a joy to work with.”

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“Without these campaigns I couldn’t have got TexturePrint in front of so many councils and specifiers. I have a schedule of meetings in my diary and a scheme underway as a direct result of the campaigns.”

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"I'd fight to keep Emberson on the team. Brand awareness and lead generation are such important parts of the marketing function. If you don't have the bandwidth, you need to reach out and get help from the experts."

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